Baby Ballet

Baby Balletbaby ballet

Mum and Baby Ballet classes are designed for 14 months to 3 years for baby girls & boys.

The class is based on basic ballet movements along with nursery rhymes, songs & dances. Each class is just under 45 minutes and is a relaxed atmosphere where mum (or dad) & baby can enjoy learning new skills together. Towards the end of every class the dressing up box comes out & children have the opportunity to dress up as fairies, princesses, pirates or whatever they may find!! They are encouraged to dance freely and are given squash and biscuits at the end.

The class has a set structure which the children learn and soon grasp, each week we have certain movements and exercises that are repeated along with fun songs and dances to learn.

We are a Melody Bear approved school which is part of the Early Leamelody bear baby balletrning Programme. To see more about our Melody Bear activities please click Melody.

Co-ordination, musicality & imagination are encouraged in each class to help each child develop in their own special way.

Our Baby Ballet classes improve a child’s cognitive and motor skills. They teach young children to interact with music and are a great way to socialise and meet other like minded mothers (and fathers). We have found that our Baby Ballet pupils develop very quickly into beautiful ballerinas!

Our Baby Ballet pupils are involved with productions and will be included in our shows and recitals. Although the classes are revolved around fun, playing and dance, they also give a fantastic start towards exams later in life.

If you are interested in joining one of our Baby Ballet Classes, you can find our locations by clicking on the locations tab at the top of this website.

Our Baby Ballet Classes get filled very quickly therefore it is advised to contact us using this form below to register your interest. We will add your child to our waiting list and notify you as soon as a place becomes available: